cobra microtalk owners manual

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cobra microtalk owners manual

How to Use Your Cobra. MicroTalk 2-Way Radio. Contents. Features.1. Family Radio Service.A1. FCC Warnings. Included Accessories. Our Thanks to You.A3. Customer Support.A3. Operating your microTALK. Battery Installation.2. Turning On.3. Illuminating the Display.3. Auto Squelch.4. Select Channel.5. Calling Another Party.6. Talking To Another Party.7. Roger Beep Confirmation Tone.8. Listening For Another Party.8Making Life Easier And Safer.10Caring for Your microTALK.14. Frequency Ranges.16Limited Two Year Warranty.18. Optional Accessories.19. Order Form.20. If You Think You Need Service.Back Cover. Features of This ProductOperation. Operation. Install Batteries. Battery. Installation. Turning On Your microTALK. Turning. On YourNote. Batteries are not includedNote. Whenever the unit is onNote. IlluminatingIlluminating the Display. When batteries are low theNote. Visit Cobra ElectronicsPull lock tab downInsert three “AA”Push and releaseOperation. Auto Squelch. Your microTALK is equipped with Auto Squelch,Maximum. Range. Extender. Select Channel. Select. Channel. Turn on the microTALK 2-Way Radio. Note. Units must be tuned to theMaximum Range Extender. Auto Squelch can be temporarily removed to allowNote. To learn more about theRange is dependent onPush and holdSelect any of the 14 channels by pushing theAuto Monitor. Auto Monitor. When the signal you want to hear is consistentlyRange mode without having to constantly holdExtender button for five seconds. Two beepsTo return to normalExtender button again or change channels.Operation. Calling Another Party. Calling. Another. Party. Talking To. Another Party. Talking To Another Party. To alert another par ty that you wish toNote. While the TALK button isNote. Both units must be ON andYour incoming “Call”signalPush and hold. TALK button.Hold mic aboutRelease TALKPush and release. CALL button. The unitOperation. Roger Beep. Confirmation. Tone. Roger Beep Confirmation Tone. Your listener will hear anRange.

Your microTALK Radio has a range of up to 2 miles. This effective range can be shor tened underNote. To achieve maximumMaximum Range ExtenderThis alerts the other partyListening For. Listening For Another Party. When finished talking:Note. While the TALK buttonRelease TALK button to receive incomingYour microTALK is always in listening modeSwitchMaking Life Easier and SaferCan Make. Life EasierEasier and Safer. As you become familiar with your microTALK. Radio you will find many of your own uses for theSome suggestions include:FrontYour microTALK Radio comes with the newTO REMOVE: Use theTO ATTACH: FirstNext snap in the middle tabs. Finally snapSpeaker Jack. External. Speaker Jack. Your microTALK 2-Way Radio can be fitted withNoteCaring for Your microTAL Radio. CaringRadio. Caring for Your microTALK Radio. The microTALK 2-Way Radio will give you yearsHere are some suggestions. Modifying or tamperingIf your radio is not performing as it should, please call. Cobra at 773.889.3087. Do not return the unit toCH2: 462.5875MHz. CH 3: 462.6125MHz. CH 4: 462.6375MHz. CH 5: 462.6625MHz. CH 6: 462.6875MHz. CH 7: 462.7125MHzLimited Two Year Warranty. COBRA ELECTRONICS CORPORATION warrants that its. COBRA FRS Radios, and the component parts thereof, willThis warranty may be enforced by the first consumerCOBRA will,without charge, repair or replace, at its option,Cobra Electronics. CorporationChicago, Illinois 60707. Optional Accessories. Vox Headset Mic. VOX (Voice Operated. Transmitter) headset andCompact earbud and microphone with Push-to-Talk switch.Battery Pack. High performance Nickel. Metal Hydride battery pack forCharges two NiMH battery packs.

Battery pack must be remo vedReplacement Belt ClipThis warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you mayExclusions: This limited warranty does not apply; 1) to anyAll implied warranties, including warranties ofCOBRA shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages; including, without limitation,Some states do not allow limitations on how long anIf you wish, you can order directly from Cobra. Order by phone. Call 1.773.889.3087 (Press 1 from the main menu) 8 a.m.-6 p.m. M-F CST. ). Order by mail or fax. Order over the WebAccessory Order Form. AmountHandling. For AK,HI and PR pleaseDescription. Cost Ea.Ear Bud Mic with PTT. Charger. Replacement Belt Clip. Prices subject to change without notice. Tax Table. Illinois residents add 7%. Cook Co. residents add.75% (7.75% total). Chicago residents add 1% (8.75% total). Indiana residents add 5%. Michigan residents add 4 %. Ohio residents add 6%. Wisconsin residents add 5%. For credit card orders fill out order formQty. Amount. SubtotalTotal. Make check or money order (no stamps)Cobra Electronics. Attn: Accessories Dept.Please print clearly. Name. Address (No P.O. Box). City. State. Zip. Telephone (. Credit Card No. Exp. Date. Customer Signature. Circle One: Visa MasterCard Discover. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Offer valid in Continental U.S.only.Cobra Electronics CorporationChicago, IL 60707. If You Think You Need Service. Operating Instructions for your. For technical assistance, please call our Automated Help Desk which can assistA Consumer Service Representative can be reached through this same numberTechnical assistance is also available on-line in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section atYou may be asked to send your unit to the Cobra factory. It will be necessary to furnish the following in order to have the product serviced and returned.If you send the original receipt it cannot be returned.If possible, use the original packing material.

Class Mail to avoid loss in transit to: Cobra Factory Service, Cobra Electronics Corporation,6500. W. Cortland St., Chicago, IL 60707.Please allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks before contacting us forIf you have any questions, please call 1.773.889.3087 forPrinted in Thailand. Part No. 480-370-P-001Controls and Indicators. Our Thanks to YouJackCustomer Support. Properly used, this Cobra product will give youShould you encounterRemoveable Front. Thank you for purchasing the Cobra FRS 120For additional color choices available as accessories (sold separately), please see the brochureCobra Customer Service. Live operators are available. M-F 8:00 am - 6:00 pm CSTAutomated Technical. Assistance available 24Cobra on the World Wide. Web: Frequently Asked. Questions (FAQ) can bePDF Version: 1.2. Linearized: No. Page Count: 13. Create Date: 2000:12:29 14:19:01. Title. Author: JIM. Producer: Acrobat PDFWriter 3.0 for Power Macintosh. Subject. Owner’s Manual. Making Life Easier and SaferCommunicating with others while hiking, biking, and working; keepingBelt ClipThe belt clip easily attaches to your belt, purse,Customer Assistance. For more information or toFor Assistance in the U.S.A. In this user’s manual, you should find all the information you need to. If you require further assistance afterAutomated Help Desk. English only. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 773-889-3087 (phone). Customer Assistance Operators. English and Spanish. 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time. Monday through Friday (except holidays) 773-889-3087 (phone). Questions. English and Spanish. Faxes can be received at 773-622-2269 (fax). Technical Assistance. English only. (on-line: Frequently Asked Questions).Part No. 480-932-P. English. Version A. For Assistance Outside the U.S.A. Contact Your Local DealerChicago, Illinois 60707 USAProduct Features. IntroductionButtonsTri-Watch Button. Scan Button. Wrist Strap Connection. Belt Clip. Battery Compartment. Battery Door Screws (2). Rubberized Grips.

LED Flashlight. Weather Button. Seven sharedWeather RadioChannels,Five selectableCharge Jack. Audible AlertBacklit LCD DisplayCTCSS MemRoger Beep Icon. VOX Icon. Weather Icon. Lock Icon. Weather Alert Icon. Power Saver Icon. Channel Numbers. Memory Channel Number. Key Tone Icon. BURP Icon. Signal Strength Meter. Warranty and Trademark. Acknowledgement. Limited One-Year Warranty on Radio(s). For Products Purchased in the U.S.A.You must pay any initial shipping charges required to ship the product forThis warranty gives youExclusions: This limited warranty does not apply: 1) To any productAll implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness forSome states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lastsFor Products Purchased Outside the U.S.A. Please contact your local dealer for warranty information.For products purchased in the U.S.A. and Canada. Important FCC Licensing Information. This radio operates on General Mobile Radio. Service (GMRS) frequencies which require a. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)Trademark AcknowledgementOperation. Customer Assistance. Warranty. Caring for Your microTALK RadioHandle the radio gently. Keep the radio away fromInstalling Batteries. To install or replace batteries. Remove Belt ClipInsert BatteriesPosition batteries according to polarity markings.To charge batteries in radio:Use only the supplied rechargeable batteries and charger for rechargingCobra recommends your radio is turned off while being charged. Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can also be used in your radio. It normally takes about 15 hours to fully charge batteries. This radio floats with included NiMHAA batteries.Operation. For charging microTALK radio(s) in desktop charger:For pluggable equipment, the socket-outlet shallIf charging light is not on, check position of radio. Radio should beNote: To charge a single radio, you can bypass the desktop charger andThe radio will display flashing battery icon while charging.

Cobra recommends your radio be turned off while being charged. TW DCS Scan. CTCSS Mem. Communicating with Another Person. Talk ButtonTwo Inches (5 cm)You cannot receive incoming calls whileBoth radios must be tuned to the sameThe radio is alwaysThe radio will display flashing battery iconAuto Battery Save. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds,Both radios must be tuned to the sameBURP Power. BatterySaver. Save Mode. To Select a Channel. Channel ButtonBattery Low. Battery Low. Low icon will blink and an audible tone will sound twice. VoxYour batteries should beIntroductionVox. ChannelHINumberChannels 15BURP Power SaverTW DCS Scan. CTCSS MemLockLED Flashlight. LED FlashlightPress and release the Call button. Call Button. The other person will hear a two second call tone. ThisYour range will vary depending on terrain and conditions. In flat, open country your radio will. Maximum RangeBuildings and foliage in the path of theDense foliage and hilly terrain will further. Reduced RangeOn FRS Channels 8 through 14, your radioCTCSS Mem. MODETo turn the lock on or off:A double beep sound is used to confirm your lockBURP the. Power. Lock iconSaverLevelVox. The. LockVolume Button. Down button. A double beep sound is used to indicateIntroduction. Listening for a Response. ListeningStandby mode while the Talk or Call buttons areOperationMaximum Range limit.By scrolling through the Mode function, you will be able toSet DCS Privacy Codes. Set Hi-Mid-Low Power. Set Vox Sensitivity. Set Call Tones 1-10. Introduction. Privacy Codes. Your microTALK radio incorporates two advanced coded squelchCTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch. System) provides 38 privacy codes and DCS (Digitally Coded Squelch)This provides a total of 121 Privacy. Codes. Either system can be used on all channels, but both systemsTo successfully communicate using a privacy code, bothEach channel will remember the lastThe privacy code 00 is not a privacy code, but allows all signalsCode. DCS Scan.

CTCSS MemIf DCS is turned on at the channel selected,The display will then show the smallVoxCTCSS Mem. DCS Privacy CodeSaver. Channel ButtonCustomer Assistance. Set DCS Privacy CodesTo select a CTCSS privacy code:IntroductionIf CTCSS is turned on at the channelDCS, press the Channel Up or Channel. Down button while the display is flashingTW DCS Scan. CTCSS MemBURP Power Saver. Channel ButtonSaver. VoxChannel ButtonVoxMemory ChannelCTCSS MemChannel. Button. BURP Power. SaverCTCSS to DCS. The DCS icon and privacy codeThe ChannelYour microTALK radio has 10 Memory Locations for storingTo program a memory location. Memory icon andMemory. Location show on the display.You can set the VOX sensitivity level to fit theTo turn VOX mode on or off:The current On or OffVOX IconTRIVoxTW DCS Scannew setting and return to Standby mode.Operation. IntroductionScan. CTCSS MemBURP Power SaverTen Call Tone Settings. You can choose between ten different Call Tone Settings to transmitTo change a call tone setting:The currentCall Tone SettingChannel ButtonSCANthe ChannelIntroduction. If “oF” flashes in place of the privacy code numbers,Radio then proceeds to nextVibrate OnTW DCS Scan. Mode button. Mem until the Call SettingVibrate OffWX Up or Channel Down button toTW DCS ScanMemTo turn key tone on or off:Channel ButtonThe radio ignores specific privacyScan icon will continue to be displayed whenYour radio will remain on that channel and return to Standby mode.TheCTCSS MemChannel Scan. To scan channels:R Channels Vox. ScanYour listener will hear an audible tone when you release the Talk button. This alerts the other party that you are finished talking and it is OK forTo turn roger beep on or off:The currentRoger Beep OffVoxTW DCSb.Scan. Channel Button CTCSS MemIntroductionSelect ChannelCTCSS MemSaverScan Privacy Codes. CTCSS MemMake sure the strongest. This feature is set.

Weather channel is selectedThe Scan icon will continue to be displayed when privacy code scanYour radio will remain on that. During scanning (while receiving an incoming transmission),You can use your microTALK radio to listen to NOAA All Hazards RadioWeather Button. To listen to All Hazards Radio channels. Radio icon and the currently selected All Hazards. Radio channel are displayed.Channel ButtonWeather button until On or Off is displayed.Privacy Code Scan. Your microTALK radio can automatically scan the Privacy Codes (either. CTCSS 01 through 38 or DCS 01 through 83) within one channel. OnlyScan Button. To scan privacy codes:Channel ButtonAlert icon flashes on the display. The current OnMode and return to Standby mode.Operation. Tri-Watch Set-up. To Program or Edit the Tri-Watch Channels. Tri-Watch Button. GMRS Standby mode for two (2) seconds toThe MEM iconTri-Watch ButtonStandby mode. General Specifications. Allocation and Compatibility. Important: Please note that Cobra GMRS models with 15 ChannelsFor example, a Cobra 15 Channel GMRS model would need to beGMRS tuned to Channel 15. Please refer to the chart below forHigh. High. Low. HighLL ButtonTri-Watch ButtonOperation. General SpecificationsLicensingA user must be licensed prior to operating on ChannelsOperation of this radioLicensed users will be issued a call sign by the FCC, which should be used for station identification whenGMRS users should also cooperate by engaging in permissible transmissions only, avoidingFor licensing information and application forms, please call the FCC Hotline at 800-418-FORM.